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Curriculum Vitae

born in the 60's
Study of art bei Peter Ackermann, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe 1979
Study of art history bei Andreas Franzke, Akademie der Bild. Künste Karlsruhe 1980
living in Berlin since 1980
Study FU Berlin history of art, philosophy, music science, Germanistik
since 1986 one layer pictures with oilcolor,
Study visits in different cities:
6 stays in Rome,
5 stays in Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco,
since 1992 working with several layers oil and acrylic painting,
1994-2010 8 study stays in natural architecture of erosion in the canyons of Utah and Arizona
Mutual project with Bünck and Fehse 1997:
short movie computer generated "The Art of Instant Seduction"
since 1997 working with thin layers acrylic, oil and alcyd painting,
since 2000 studio in the weaving mill villa on the peninsula Stralau, Berlin
since 2002 technique of many layers including powdercolortransfer, epoxi
resin, acrylic, oil, alcyd and tempera,
Marriage with Natascha Wilms 2006,

started project since 2007:
remodelling the Pistorius 96 Factory at the Weissensee college of art,
Berlin as an object trouvée, development of studios and museumrooms,
2008: Film project with flying camera through Paria-canyon,
2010 technique of many layers including lettering as a universal cipher
for information: as miniaturized abstraction with double codification.

No exhibitions due to Corona

Oil paintings are sold out, but there are still some acrylic drafts.
If you are interested, please ask.