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  The attempt to create a perspective situation almost entirely devoid of triangles and perspective distortion can only lead to the use of frontal walls. However the absence of dynamic lines needs to be compensated, in this case through the use of 11 rounded arches and utilising rows.
On the title:
The cow sawn in half by Damien Hirst in 1996 which went by the name of “Some Comfort gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent lies in Everything” was incorrectly listed in an art catalogue as “The Acceptance of the Inherent lies in Everything” which now leads to this type of distortion of history. If the false entry is repeated often enough, it has the potential to become reality. The series of adjacent glass cases filled with formaldehyde is referenced in the bridge arches, however no bovine entity can be seen. Just as in Hirst’s work the insides of the cow were on display, in this picture the interior of a building can actually be seen, an element which is not present in any other of the paintings.